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Emir Zammit
35 year-old male


Gender: male
Origin 1: Bosnian
Origin 2: Maltese
Born: 30 August 1982
Age: 35
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: separated

Flavour text

Flavour text: At first sight, falls madly in love with the protagonist and becomes obsessive/stalks.


Height: 5'8" / 172cm
Body type: overweight
Bra cup size: Not applicable
Freckles: none
Scars: none
Tattoos: moderate
Eye colour: hazel
Eyesight: spectacles
Handedness: right-handed
Health: excellent
Hair colour: black
Hair length: long
Hair style: Hairstyle image.


Education: technical training
Occupation: Book editor
Myers-Briggs: Extroversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving
Drinking: socially
Smoking: regularly
Speech: average-paced
Accent: heavy
Vocal tone: average
Vocabulary: childish
Diet: omnivore
Style: rocker
Grooming: unkempt
Mental disorders:


IQ: 90-99 - average
Self-awareness: below average
Self-regulation: average
Social skill: average
Empathy: average
Motivation: average